August 2021 Update

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August 2021

Though we see a lot of new housing developments appearing out of the ground around Yakima, the need for low-income housing, especially for people who have been experiencing homelessness, is extremely high. This shortage is preventing people who have stabilized their lives from finding housing and becoming productive citizens in our community.

Justice Housing Yakima is moving forward with our plans to develop Cottage Hill Village to help face this crisis. Exciting things are taking place. The big news that we received earlier this summer is the $35,000 grant from the Yakima Valley Community Foundation. It is actually a collaborative grant from the GCACH Community Health Fund between YVCF and the Yakima County health Care Coalition. This grant is already being used to have essential survey work done on the site that will then help us work with our architect to formulate more formal designs of Cottage Hill Village and move forward with predevelopment projects. We give a big Shout Out to YVCF for their support. 

We welcome to our Board the Rev. Robert Trimble, retired pastor from Mount Hope Baptist Church and an activist on behalf of the Black community in Yakima. We continue to grow and strengthen our board as we move into a more active phase.

Thanks to many donations from folks in the community, we are moving closer to having the land paid off. Reaching that goal will then open up new avenues for funding of the actual development of Cottage Hill Village.

As we are enter this more active phase of our efforts, I look forward to sharing with you on a regular basis updates as to our progress. Again, thank you for the support you have given us. We look forward to seeing the day when we can provide housing for folk in our community who long for a new day, a day of joy and hope.

David Helseth
Justice Housing Yakima
Board President