Who paid for Cottage Hill Place?

Funding for this project came from Washington State Department of Commerce Housing and Trust Fund, Washington State Department of Commerce Apple Health and Homes Capacity Building Grant, Washington State Department of Commerce Connecting Housing to Infrastructure Program, Enterprise Community Partners, Yakima Valley Community Foundation, Apple Valley Kiwanis, Yakima Federal Savings and Loan and many other generous groups, churches, organizations, local businesses and individual donors.

Will Cottage Hill Place affect property value?

Cottage Hill Place will be a beautiful, well-built, nicely-landscaped and well-maintained project on a piece of property that has been vacant for several years. It will add aesthetic appeal to the community and increase overall well-being in the neighborhood. According to a comprehensive years-long study published in the June 2022 Journal of Housing Economics, Permanent Supportive Housing projects do not lower the value of homes in the neighborhood. To the contrary, the Department of Housing and Urban Development Low-Income Housing Tax Credits database shows that producing affordable housing in distressed neighborhoods positively impacts the surrounding area in terms of property value gains and increased safety.

Is Cottage Hill Place a homeless shelter?

No. Cottage Hill Place is permanent housing. As part of our effort toward encouraging self-sufficiency, responsibility and accountability, Cottage Hill Place residents will pay 30 percent of their income for rent. They have the same rights, responsibilities and obligations as other renters. They receive ongoing case management and wrap-around, supportive services to assist in independent living.

Does Cottage Hill Place cost the neighborhood anything?

No. In fact, Permanent Supportive Housing is a less costly model than supporting those living in shelters or on the street. According to the National Alliance on Ending Homelessness, once individuals have a permanent home with supportive services, the need for expensive, publicly funded crisis services (i.e., inpatient hospitalizations, jails, emergency departments, etc.) decreases between 50-75%. Furthermore, according to a study between University of California Irvine and United Way, the estimated cost of services per capita for Permanent Supportive Housing clients was 50% lower annually than for the chronically homeless.

Who owns and runs Cottage Hill Place?

Justice Housing Yakima owns Cottage Hill Place, and Sunrise Outreach Center will oversee, run and maintain it. Tenants will be required to sign, and follow, a Code of Conduct that sets forth rules, outlines guidelines and provides the groundwork for a safe and pleasant environment. Abiding by the Code of Conduct is mandatory, and the policy will cover tenant expectations, illegal activities, property damage, repairs, access, visitor policy, etc. Residents will also participate in cooperative self-governance through a residents’ council.

Will Cottage Hill Place increase the crime rate and traffic in the neighborhood?

No. Concerns around affordable housing are based on emotional fear rather than facts. A 2007 study titled, “The Impact of Supportive Housing on Surrounding Neighborhoods,” showed that small-quantity Permanent Supportive Housing projects have no impact on neighborhood crime. In fact, the presence of contractors, workers, ongoing construction and the beautiful finished project will likely decrease disruptive behavior and illegal activity in the area and in Milroy Park. Finally, most tenants will not have cars; therefore, there will be no increase in traffic.

Who do I call if I have concerns regarding Cottage Hill Place?

There will be a number provided for 24/7 emergency reports, questions and concerns. Additionally, there will be a Property Manager onsite during regular business hours.