Every Person Needs a Home

Ideally, everyone in our community would have access to safe and stable housing. The reality, however, is that some of our most vulnerable neighbors struggle to find and maintain stable homes, and homelessness has now reached record levels. Whatever led someone to become homeless is not what matters. What is important is that we — as a community — focus on and remain committed to enacting evidence-based solutions. Permanent Supportive Housing is proven to work, supported by data, backed by research and has a consistently positive track record.

Our Mission

We believe every person needs a home, every person is worthy of dignity and respect and every person deserves a safe and healthy community.

Board of Directors

Tim Sullivan, President

Marc Anthony Cisneros, Treasurer

David Hacker, Vice President

Linda Haralson, Secretary

Jennifer Schlenske, Executive Director

Alfredo Cisneros

Janice Gonzales

David Helseth

Kelly Penfold

Julie Toney

Robert Trimble

In memory of one of our founding board members, Ellie Lambert, please visit the Ellie Lambert Memorial Fund.

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