About Us

Justice Housing Yakima is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2016 to find solutions for affordable housing in Yakima County. Board members come from a variety of backgrounds but all share a passion for working in the community and addressing issues of homelessness. We are guided by these core principles:

  • Every person needs a home
  • Every person deserves dignity and respect
  • Every person should live in a safe & healthy community

Our board members and advisors have extensive experience working with housing and homeless persons, including emergency shelters, service providers, and outreach workers; some of our Board members have experienced homelessness themselves. Our collective experience in government, non-profit, and for-profit organizations, as well as our experience working in the community, has led us to operate with these additional principles in mind:

  • All voices should be heard—the directors, the clients, and everyone in the community
  • Providing housing solutions should be a community effort
  • We need permanent solutions, not temporary band-aids

Our Board

Tim Sullivan, President

Marc Anthony Cisneros, Treasurer

Dave Hanson, Vice President

Linda Haralson, Secretary

Kelly Penfold

Rev. Robert Trimble

Janice Gonzales

Alfredo Cisneros

Rev. David Helseth

Jennifer Schlenske, Exec Dir

In memory of one of our founding board members, Ellie Lambert, please visit the Ellie Lambert Memorial Fund.


Ellie Lambert, Founding Board Member.
1968 – 2020.

A big thank-you to all our donors:
$25,000 and up

Buell, Becky
Dolsen, William and Rhonda
Gottlieb, Rosemary
Helseth, David and Kathy
Yakima Valley Community Foundation



$10,000 and up
Bansmer, Pete and Glenda
Biddle, Jeannette
Cowin, Joyce and Dick
Dow, Kevin and Elaine
Rossmeissl, John and Nancy
Von Essen, Lyle and Shelley
$5,000 and up
Apple Valley Kiwanis Club
Altmayer, Steve and Andrea
Kime, Linda
Luring, Greg and Jan
McLaughlin, Bob and Carolynn
Nelson, Rod and Lani-Kai
Tamaki, Blaine
$2,500 and up
Alegria, Jon and Joy
Jacobs, Bill
Keith, Royal & Kay
Kroon, Debra and Ray Yates
St. Paul Cathedral